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24 February 2022 0 comments

Shape your own experience at our VIB Vacation Destination

Start your dream holiday at VIB Villa & Resort. We offers different in the foothills of the heaven Tangkuban Perahu mountain. Enjoy spectacular views of the mountain across the corner of the City of Bandung, enjoy the cool waterfall Cimahi and waterfall Bubruk. Whatever your idea of heaven, VIB Villa & Resort will take you there. If you feel bored with the routine, we will invite you to enjoy the Tea Plantations around the incredible natural scenery. Or you can enjoy the facilities that we have provided to conquer your hobby, such as we provide a fishing pond that's available every day.

For fitness enthusiasts, we also have features for those who want to exercise, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Table tennis, or Badminton. Escape to one of our charming vacation spot, where family fun, adventure and romance passion is yours for the taking

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